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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Half off sale

It's Saturday and I am participating in the half off sale at the Lovely Shops again :)


... I totally forgot to blog my new release!!!

I've created a whole jewelry set matching the Lovely Neko Line, which is why I've called it Lovely as well ;)

It contains of a collar, a bracelet, a ring, and earrings. All come with a bling that can be turned off. It is either available for sale or you can hunt for the single parts. The collar is on the camping chair, the other 3 parts are hidden in 3 lucky hearts which you can find on both levels of the store!

I love them, hope you do as well!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Love is all around....

I am so madly in love, Valentine's Day is coming up, so it is not hard to get inspired for some romantic, hearty stuff :D

Therefore I can present you my new Lovely Collection. And I am already in love with them :D
They come with the usual movements and emotes, one of the ears has a bling element as well that can be turned on and off. :)

I've also made a Lucky Chair Valentine edition for you to grab :)

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Can you feel the music?

I've been working on these for at least 2 weeks. Party because of my extremely busy RL, partly because I was quite picky and couldn't really decide how I want them to look like....
What I am talking about? More Neko stuff!!!

I got these cute music notes and immediately knew I wanted to use them as Neko jewelry. I'm a DJ in Second Life as well, so those are perfect for wearing at gigs! (Although I already have a "Rockstar" version on my mind ;))

Anyway, as usual, the tails and ears are scripted so that they move. The tails have a menu to pick the movement and they can also be emoted if someone touches them.
Both ears as well as the tails have bling elements that can be turned off and on as you like, just use the /1 bling on or /1 bling off command.


Happy Rezday to me!

YAY! It's my second rezday today!
Wow, time passes really quickly. 2 years in Second Life...
And I nearly forgot about my rezday completely until the man of my heart surprised me with some rezday shopping :D

And now that I remember my own rezday again I want to celebrate it with you and want to say thank you to my dear friends and fans.
Therefore I made a cute pair of earrings with a heart shape. You can get them in my SL update group or in my subscribe-o-group. :)


Monday, 12 January 2009

And I always thought...

... I bring chaos to order... ;)

What type of Fae are you?

Just found this on a friend's blog and had to share it with you. The questions are hilarious!

And this turns out when you select all the answers I've been laughing about the most:

What type of Fae are you?

For the Artist in you

Good morning!!!

I wanted to write this post last night, but then I had to realise that graduading from university and starting a job means getting up rather early :D
Therefore I'm posting it now :D

I was out shopping yesterday and also collecting some freebies and cheapies I saw on the Free*Style blog and when I put on the suit Creamy was writing about here http://slfreestyle.blogspot.com/2009/01/paint-splatted-and-androgyny.html it just hit me. This has to become my worksuit. I am a creative but chaotic mind and this suit so fits! But I needed some fitting Neko Ears and Tails!
So I went back to my work studio and started building and this is the result!

I especially like the colour dripping brushes of the ears, the spilled colour on the tail, and the colour filled tins on both.

As usual, tails and ears are scripted and the tail can also be emoted.

I hope you like them :)


Saturday, 10 January 2009

1/2 off sale at the Lovely Shops

I'm sorry for posting so late, but RL is keeping me extremely busy at the moment.

There is a huge 1/2 off sale at the Lovely Shops all Saturday. I have 2 stores there, one in the Docks and one in the Butterfly area and all items in both stores are marked down to 50%.

At 2 pm slt there will also be a huge party at the Docks. It would be great to welcome you there and I hope you're going to enjoy shopping there.

And because it is Valentine's Day soon, I've marked my girly punk valentine special down to 1LD for the duration of the sale!

That's it from me for today. A new release will hopefully follow next week. :)


Sunday, 4 January 2009



I just have to say thank you to all of you! You really made this opening a lot of fun and a great success!

We started at 1PM SLT with about 25 people in the store who were looking around for the secret sale items when SL decided to make purchase impossible, people started to crash, and logins were disabled until close to 3PM SLT. So I decided to let the secret sale go until 6:30 SLT (apologies for the double notices I sent out in various groups because of that...)and wow, the numbers went up to 37 people in the store, lol!
I would have NEVER expected that and hope you all had a great time!
There was a huge crowd standing in front of the lucky chairs and the camping chair as well. Looked like people were getting in line to camp! It was awesome, just awesome!
Of course the necklace and the Lucky Chair gifts will stay so that those who didn't have a chance to come to the secret sale will be able to get the other gifties anyway :)

Thanks again! I had a lot of fun DJing for you and hope you will enjoy my products!


Thursday, 1 January 2009

Grand Opening Party on Saturday!

The move is done and the time is found!
After some difficulties finding a date for the re-opning party of my store I have now decided to have it this Saturday (Jan, 3rd) from 1-3pm SLT on the roof of my mainstore!
I will be DJing so expect lots of rock, pop, cheese and just a lot of fun!

During those 2 hours there will be 10 items marked down to only 1LD each. Walk around the store and try to find them!

I am really excited about this. As you can see by the many blog entries lately I have been busy creating lots of new things for you for the re-opening and I've done so :D

I hope that after all the exams a time will come now where I can do things more regularly, but you all know how RL can be ;)

Hope to see you all on Saturday!!!

New Year followed by more new releases!

Hope you all recovered from your hangover!

I had a lot of fun at the Dublin in SL New Year's party. We had some icy rain in RL so that the streets and cars were frozen and going out was impossible.

I finally finished the last two missing poses! Here they are!


Happy New Year!!!!

I wish you all a wonderful 2009!
May your hopes and dreams for this year fulfil themselves and maybe you can stick to your new year's resolutions ;)