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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Technical Problems + Hunt

Over the weekend one of my fans in my laptop broke. I have already called the technical support and they wanted to send a technican today, but it looks like it's going to be tomorrow until it gets fixed.
Until then, I cannot be online long enough to remove the milestones from the store. So you can still get all the good deals before they officially go on sale for their regular price.

I just wanted to let you all know that the "Through the looking glass" hunt started yesterday.
If you click the sign at my store you get the LM for the starting location and of course you can look for my gift while you're there. I have placed a little hunt helper next to the sign that will give you a hint if you need one.
The official blog page you can find here: http://ihunt-uhunt.blogspot.com

Happy Hunting

Sunday, 24 May 2009


I'd like to get some opinions on this one:

I read on another blog that some people feel like designers treat their subscribe-o members like second class customers and favour those who join their SL group.

I disagree with that. Actually, I favour my subscribe-o-s. I have an SL group but am closing this one down. You are directed to my store to join the subscribe-o. It's a pain to have the 25 groups limit, as I need those for stores I rent in alleys, for hunts, etc, so I cannot join other update groups myself. Therefore I ADORE the subscribe-o. And I like sending out stuff on there and you don't have the join-and-leave game you often see in other update groups.

The problem with the subscribe-o is: Apparently there are some people who do not notice that they joined a group or simply don't read their chat while they are chasing the free stuff.
I've had a couple of people IMing me and telling me to "stop spamming" them. It is sometimes quite hard to stay nice and friendly when people are contacting you like that. OK, maybe they clicked on the sign without noticing it, but isn't it possible to ask nicely how to leave the group again instead of telling me that it would be my fault and that it would be my business of removing them from the group??

I don't know, is it so hard to be friendly? Are there so many flawless people in the grid who never think about the possibility that the mistake might have been done on their side?

Sorry for the rant in between and back to the original question: How do you feel about SL groups vs subscribe-o-s?

Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Hunt is on!!!

For all members of my group and those reading this blog :D

The hunt officially starts at 1PM slt today but the milestones are already hidden and set for sale!

Here's the info notecard:

Hello and welcome!

The Milestone Hunt is the great opening event of the new store of Milestone Creations. It is bigger, it is more elegant, and it has a lot of new fantastic deals waiting for you!

The Hunt will last over the whole weekend, starting on May 23rd at 1PM slt!

There are 22 tiny milestones hidden across the store. They are inside the store, outside, maybe you have to look up or behind things to find them. 14 milestones are set to 1LD, containing beautiful jewelry, 8 are set to 50LD containing the new and yet unreleased Neko edition "Playful".

I hope you are enjoying the hunt and the new look of the store! Don't forget to click the subscribe-o-matic and stay informed about new releases, new events, and receive group gifts!

Miranda Milestone

Milestone Hunt!!!

Last post for tonight, but I have to tell you about this before I am going to bed:

Because of the new store I want to celebrate the new design and the new size with a little hunt. I am currently still working on freebies so that you will have lots of stuff to hunt for!
I will spread lots of little milestones around the store for you to pick up!
We'll start on Saturday, May 23rd, at 1PM slt!

New releases - part 3 - Mushroom seats!

- OK the previous posts became quite short, probably because it is 3am, lol. So I'll keep this one rather short as well.

I made 6 cute mushroom seats! You can test them at the new fishing area! Available as singles or as fatpack!

New releases - part 2 - hair!

Two beautiful hair styles now available in the store! More will follow around the hair fair the latest!

Every hair now comes with a resizer script so that you can adjust it to your hairsize!

New releases - part 1 - sales tents

I have so many pictures, therefore I decided to split the releases into categories, starting with this one:

Those are the tents you can see outside the mainstore buildings. Each tent includes 2 sales counters. Of course there is also a fatpack available!

Friday, 22 May 2009


Yes yes, it is true. I've been designing so much and heavy in prims lately that it was time to expand. I'm still on the same SIM, still in the same corner, only that it grew over the path into the SIM :D

There are two majoy parts now: on the old parcel you can now find the pose area with all the lucky items like chair, cupcake, midnight mania, etc in a corner down there. Above it you can find the clothes and jewelry section.
Outside there are now 3 tents with the discounts, builds, and all the Harry Potter stuff.

In the new area you can find a whole section dedicated to hair. That area will fill slowly as I am limited on online times because of RL, but there will come quite a few styles after the hair fair ;)It is also filled with shoes, which I have now reduced in prices, too! Above that area you can now find the neko corner with all tails, ears, and accessoires!
In front of it you can enjoy the new fishing area. Sit and relax on the many mushrooms around and see if you're lucky enough to catch a cupcake hat!

I am currently working on some hunt gifts for a sweet opening event!

Pictures of the store will follow in a bit as well as a post about all the new releases I placed out in the store today!


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Blogger Appreciation Week

WOHOOO! It's blogger appreciation week!

Therre are so many fantastic bloggers out there who review what we creators create for you :D And everyone who has some photoshop skills knows how long it takes to make some good pictures and even more time to write a nice article about it.

Therefore it is time to say thank you.

For more information about the event look here:

Now my question is: If you're a blogger, what kind of gift would you like to get if you could choose?

Saturday, 9 May 2009

The Lucky Tribe has started!!!

OK, it's past 12pm slt and the info notecard was released to the group! I'll post it here for you!

What is Lucky Tribe?

Lucky Tribe is two things: firstly, it's a brand-new, *official* "fan group" for people who love Lucky Chairs, Midnight Manias, MobVends, Cupcakes, Lucky Dips, and all the other cool stuff made by Lucky Designs. If you love chair-hopping, MM-slapping, or just have a keen eye for an SL bargain, we hope you'll feel right at home here!

However, Lucky Tribe is *so* much more than yet-another-cookie-cutter chair-hopping group. Lucky Tribe is also a framework under which we're running a whole new series of games, attractions, and events. We've spent the last couple of months devising a series of cool new ways to keep you entertained, and we've partnered with some of SL's best content creators in order to bring you a bunch of cool new prizes... the results of this work are going to be gradually released over the next few days... we're sure you're going to love it!

* * * * * * *

Here's how it works:

Lucky Tribe has it's own "currency" - Tribe Kudos Points. There's a bunch of different ways you can earn Kudos points (more about this in a moment), and your gains and achievements are tracked in a special HUD. You can also use this HUD to check out the Kudos rating of other tribe members who are standing near to you - which is useful for bragging rights! ;)

Every time you earn 100 Kudos points, you can drop in at Lucky Tribe HQ and claim a prize token. These prize tokens are special tickets (also worn on your HUD), which can be exchanged for a prize at automated redemption points, located in our event partner stores. We've tried to launch the event with a mixed bunch of partner sites, so you'll find things like clothing, skins, furniture, textures, and lots more up for grabs ... hopefully something to appeal to everybody. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be working to bring *lots* more stores into the event!

* * * * * * *

How do I get Kudos?

There are 3 different ways to boost your Kudos Score:

(1). By doing something you already love - chair hopping! We've secretly installed "Lucky Tribe" scripts into some of our favourite Lucky Tribe attractions around the grid ... there's already a bunch of Lucky Chairs, Lucky Boards, Lucky Cupcakes and Lucky Fortune Tellers ready and waiting to grant you Kudos... so now, not only do you win the "regular" chair prize at these venues .... you also get a unique stamp on your Tribe Hud, and bonus Kudos points too!

(2). By playing one of our brand-new, large-scale attractions. Watch out for "Detonation", our new live game-show, which rewards quick-thinking, logic, and nimble fingers (just try not to get blasted into little tiny pieces in the process!) ... see if you can solve the Fnordian Moon Labyrinth; a traditional hedge maze, packed with curious sculptures and secret places to explore .... Go foraging for mushrooms with Professor Korvin, in his "Mysterious Mycological Muddle" ... or see if you can pass the Lucky Tribe initiation ceremony at tribe HQ. These - and other attractions - are already starting to roll out to partner sites around the grid - some are up and running already! ... Keep watching the group notices for further announcements!

(3). Instant Events! We're putting together a team of event hosts to run spontaneous micro-events, which could kick off at any time, anywhere on the grid.... all with Kudos awards (and other prizes!) up for grabs. Keep your eyes on the group chat, the first of these is arriving very, very soon....

* * * * * * *

Great, how do I start?

You need a Tribe HUD! ... the best way to get one of these is to visit "HUD Tiki", on the Lucky Tribe flying island HQ. However, we anticipate that this location is going to be *slightly* busy over the next few hours ... so we'll be rezzing a few of Hud Tiki's twin brothers to ease the strain. The first of these will be on the doorstep of Lucky Designs ... we'll add more if required.

Main collection point: Lucky Tribe HQ http://slurl.com/secondlife/Samoa/97/208/81

Alternative Collection Point http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bermuda/20/37/23

We've also got a 7 Seas fishing game running at Lucky Tribe HQ, where those of you who are handy with a fishing rod can grab some kudos-loaded fish (and if you're _not_ already a 7 Seas addict, this could be a great place to get hooked (sorry - bad pun!!!!)) .... and Tribe HQ also hosts the super-double-secret Lucky Tribe initiation ceremony, with an initiation stamp and Kudos to be earned!.

If Lucky Tribe HQ is full, you might want to try scoring some Kudos at some of our participating stores ... a "cheat sheet" is going to follow this message, to set you off in the right direction. Alternatively, why not dive straight into the Fnordian Moon Maze here http://slurl.com/secondlife/Blue%20Moon/99/97/653
.... or keep watching the tribe chat for a special announcement from Mr LostTiki Madzuko.

We hope you enjoy Lucky Tribe!

Oh... one more thing...

As a special reward for early sign-ups, we're giving a charter member HUD stamp and 50 Kudos points to everybody who joins this group during the launch phase of Lucky Tribe (this means you're already half way to earning your first prize!) .... simply click on the special sign near the Lucky Tribe HQ landing point to claim :)

More info on the Lucky Tribe

Don't forget the Lucky Tribe event starts today!

There is a sign in my store which leads you to the Lucky Tribe group and gives you a little more info on what to expect:

Lucky Tribe Info: Lucky tribe is an exciting new grid-wide event from the people who brought you the Lucky Chair, Midnight Mania and more! - Play games, solve puzzles, and take part in special events to win prizes .... to get started, join the Lucky Tribe group: secondlife:///app/group/1515cbde-f372-804f-86e1-b6d619d8aed2/about/

Friday, 8 May 2009

Lucky Tribe???!!?! What the....

I've hinted to it in one of my inworld notices already: I'm participating in an event starting this Saturday at noon.

Shep Korvin from Lucky Designs had a very cute and fun event idea. So far it's all mysterious and a big secret to keep you all interested and curious :D


It is different from all the gridwide hunts and I think you're going to enjoy it! All the participating stores offer brilliant gifts!
Mine will be the "Girl in the Moon" pose I've just released.

So watch this space tomorrow as well as the inworld group notices!
(Also keep an eye on twitter and plurk, if you're registered)


There is a group called "Lucky Tribe". Because it is rather new SL doesn't list it in search yet. BUT you can join it anyway. Search for the person "LostTiki Madzuko" and join by using his profile! Be one of the first to be informed about the event!

Here's the link to join the group direcly!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Girl In The Moon

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since my last new release. My RL is quite time consuming at the moment and my online times are limited, but I've also been working on hairstyles for the upcoming hair fair in June. Those are top secret still but I can tell you it will be worth waiting ;)

For now I can present you my new pose: Girl in the Moon. It comes with 5 different poses and some beautiful particles.

Test it in the mainstore!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Flickr Group!

Yay, I finally found the time to create a flickr group! I'd love to see how you wear my creations combined in your own style, or how you use the poses, etc etc etc!
So join and start posting right away!


I've also added a chatbox here on the blog so that you can comment and chat there :)

And I've also joined PLURK as you can see in PLURK box on the right. You can be so easily led into posting nonsense :D

Friday, 1 May 2009

SL Discovery Hunt has started!!!

The SL Discovery Hunt has now officially started. It will last for 2 months because there are about 570 stores participating and you'll need time to get to all of them. If you cannot find a magnifying glass, you might want to check their homepage to see if the store dropped out:


I hope you are enjoying the hunt and value all the gifts these wonderful creators offer!