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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Balloon Hunt

Oh no!

The net that held back 100 balloons broke an they all escaped! The air and the store is filled with them, in all corners they hide, some are still low on the ground, others fly high above the grass, some are close to getting stuck in a tree.

And what's even worse: 50 balloons hide items from the store inside them for a very low price (10LD, 30LD, 50LD) and they got mixed with those who do not hold items inside!

Can you find the right 50 balloons and enjoy the cheap offers? If you're lucky you can grab hair, clothes, or jewelry!

You have a week, starting today, June 28th 1PM SLT until July 5th before the balloons vanish again!

Happy Hunting!

Miranda Milestone

I haz made new hair!

This is Bella, a very cute hairstyle with a flower hat! The hat comes in 14 different textures and is perfect to match your fairy style!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

New Pose Set and Animation!


I made cute mermaid stuff because the RFL Fantasy Fair mermaid area was just sooooo beautiful and inspired me!

But CAREFUL! Both shell halves are seperated from each other. To move both halves make sure you have both selected first. The upper part can be opened or closed by clicking on it (that's the reason why it isn't linked to the rest of the shell).

All poseballs are mod/trans/no copy.

To hide the posballs just type /1 hide in open chat. To make them show use /1 show.

The cushion comes in 6 colours. To change the colours type: /10 cushion colour (colours are: cherry, blue, gold, green, purple, red).

And because I liked one of the poses quite a lot, I sat down and extended it to a cute mermaid animation!

Monday, 22 June 2009

1000 members gift!

This weekend we finally crossed the magical 1000!

I've sent a gift out today, this beautiful shell necklace. I'll leave it in the notice history for a couple of days, so grab it if you haven't yet!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Hair Fair 2009!!! Part 4

Only a few hours until the hair fair is opened to the public!

My hair has already been blogged!

This is the store you'll have to look for:

And as every year, there will be a silent auction. All money will go to the Locks of Love! This is the hair I am offering for it:

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Hair Fair 2009!!! Part 3

Some of the designers made a video for the Hair Fair and here it is!


Sunday, 14 June 2009

Hair Fair 2009!!!

Hello everyone!

Yesssss! We are finally allowed to spread the word about our hair!!!

I will offer 4 cute hairstyles. They all come with a resizing script so that you can adjust them to your head size. You can now pick the demos up in my store and soon also on xstreet!

Hope you are just as excited about the hair fair like I am!!!


New Release and Special Sale!

Hi everyone!

I finally had time to work on my neko boots and here's the result! Some absolutely adorable boots, matching my Lovely Neko ears and tails! Available in the colours black, blond, brown, and crimson! They are resizable and come with paw prints!

A special ice version is also available, but you cannot only buy but also camp for it!

I will have 3 special sales today: 10 boxes, 2 of each colour will be set out for 1/3 of their original price! They are small, so you have to hunt for them! The last round will start at around 3pm slt (my bedtime :D).

Friday, 12 June 2009

More gifts, lol!


I just remembered that I haven't replaced the gifts in the MM Boards for a while, so I made some more hair specials, this time in black! Target is 100!

I've also replaced the item in the haggle box! Happy haggling!


New Dollarbie, new Lucky Chair gifts!

Hello everyone!

Finally! RL stress is going down, time for SL is going up! And therefore I had time to make new free (or almost free) stuff for you!

I've made a dollarbie for you, including a special teal version of my blond Melanie I hair, also coming with a cute Melanie shape!

Two other versions of the Melanie hair are now available on the lucky chair!

Hope you enjoy them!


Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Hey everyone!

I'm sorry that I haven't been blogging since the news of my technical difficulties but RL became so busy quickly.
My laptop is fixed, so back to normal!

It was *Paint SL Purple* Day on Monday. For that occasion I made a freebie hat and scarf. Again sorry that I didn't blog about it earlier but if you are a member of the subscribe-o-group you should have gotten it anyway. And it is set outside the store for 0LD, so come and grab it!

Along with the freebie I made a purple edition of my neko sets "Lovely" and "Melody". I set them out for 50LD for each part on Monday, but when a friend then told me that I can have RFL vendors without being on a team (*dough* why didn't anyone tell me earlier?), so I've now placed the full sets in the RFL vendors at the regular price, so shop and donate as much as you can!
The RFL freebie box is right next to the vendors.

Last news for today: the hairfair flickr contest has started! You can win hair fatpacks of many designers and get into the RFL SIMs a day earlier than everyone else if you belong to the 10 winners!