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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Midnight Mania at the mainstore!

I've finally added 2 Midnight Mania Boards to my mainstore! You can win 2 different pairs of shoes now!

Sorry for the short notice but RL keeps me so busy at the moment... Can't wait for next week when it's getting a bit quieter!



Saturday, 18 April 2009

Condom Hunt!

Is there more to say? Oh yes! I have opened a store on Pulse and have spreaded 14 condoms all over Pulse and sn@tch City. 7 of them are free, 7 are available for a few Lindens!

And guess what, I am in a giving mood, so I've added 2 more Midnight Mania's at Sissy's mall! And when I see that the boards are full and I am still awake I will change the prizes so that you can win even more from my store!

Spring Sale and Midnight Mania Party

Today at Sissy's the huge Spring Sale and Midnight Mania party starts and will last the whole weekend. There are about 20 MM Boards rezzed so far and many designers offer reduced items!

I have 12 items marked down to 50% and placed a MM Board there as well!

TP to the Mall: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Byron%20Bay/134/91/22


Friday, 17 April 2009

More Cupcakes and Collars

YAY, finally some new releases comming from me! I'm so in love with cupcakes that I made some cute cupcake earrings! You can change their colour which means you have endless ways of combining colours and match your outfit!

You can camp for a simple version in pink/blue on the camping chair!

I have also made some new collars! These ones rock because they jingle! You can turn the jingle on and off just as you like and you can also resize the collars to make them fit your neck!
And guess what, you can have them for free! I've put them into the lucky chairs as well, so you cna either buy them when you're impatient or stalk the lucky chair!

Oh, and here's a little preview for you: The SL Discovery hunt with more than 500 vendors starts soon and here's the gift you will have to look for:

Of course it had to be a cupcake again :D

Hope you enjoy all the new stuff!


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Lucky Cupcakes

I've replaced one of the lucky chairs with a lucky cupcake today and added another lucky cupcake to my store at Shattered Topaz Mall!
The prizes you can find on the picture below!

Hopefully I will add a new lucky chair prize tomorrow!

Monday, 13 April 2009

Dozens of fishing prizes!

I'm back from my vacation and finally finished my fishing area! You can currently fish for more than 100 cupcake hats!

Hope you like them!

The fishing area is on the roof of the store!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

***Gift is out***

The limited group gift jewelry set was sent out today. It will vanish on Thursday 3am slt, so hurry and grab it from the history if you're not a member of my subscribe-o-matic yet!

Lots of new releases before the holidays!

RL has kept me extremely busy for weeks, so that I had no time to release any of the goodies waiting in my inventory, but now I have easter holidays, which means I'll release them all before I go on some love holidays with the prince of my heart, lol.

So, first of all, I've been asked a couple of times if old group gifts are available somewhere. They weren't until NOW!
I'v sent out a couple of lip rings in the past. I have upgraded them with some bling, made a dozen different colours and put them into several sets. You can also get a fatpack with all 17 colours! They come no mod/copy/no trans. All sets contain 4 different lip rings, the blue version has a bonus ring included which you can always get in the fatpack.

As Easter is coming closer rather quickly I made a few sets of Easter jewelry. The first one you can still find in the subscribe-o-history (split into necklace and earrings), but it will vanish on Tuesday morning, so better grab it if you don't have it yet.
The second one will be sent our as soon as we hit 650 members but will stay for only 24hrs in the notice history! So watch the notices! Remember, when you're set to busy it will be declined automatically!
The third set will be available only in the store so far, along with the other two. All of them are no mod/copy/no trans as well.

And then I FINALLY finished my Easter pose! I have been working on this for ages because I didn't have much time to work on the programme! But it is finally done! This pose includes the plants and the basket filled with eggs on the ground! It is mod/no copy/trans! As the Bunny Hop Hunt is currently going on, I have named it after this great event! :D

The easter bunny attachments I am wearing in the pose pic are available seperately in my store. They are mod/no copy/trans!