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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Closing Inworld Store

In the past couple of months I didn't really have time to look after my store and keep creating new things. I started a new job, I moved, and I got married! :D
Therefore I decided that it is time to close my inworld store.
My items will stay available on xstreet and maybe at some point my RL will allow me to return to SL. But for now I will enjoy my life as a newly wed and stay in honeymoon mode for a little longer. ;)

~ Mira

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hair Fair 2011

Today the Hair Fair 2011 opened its doors! Many great designers have created new styles for you!

Here are my 3 styles for you:

Jackie - I love hats! Especially those that make you look cool and classy and sexy. I love wearing a suit along with this style, or some punky outfit!

Summer - Originally I wanted to create a style bridesmaids could wear. Instead I came up with this cute summer hairstyle. Perfect for your walk through meadows!

Serena - I loved sailor moon as a teenager. I recently discovered that you can watch the episodes on youtube. So I just had to create this hairstyle for all sailor moon fans!