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Friday, 18 January 2008

Medieval Princess

The official opening party is coming closer and I am SOOO excited!!!

So I'm using this excitement to shoot some new products at you! I planned this medieval collection for a looooong time and finished it finally ;)

Hope you like it!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Big secret revealed!

Today at about 3pm SLT I revealed a rather big surprise and a great development which will hopefully become successful:

I bought land and built a mainstore! I have to close several of my minor stores, especially those which I used to advertise my label but which didn't make any money, to pay my tier, but this is such an exciting development that I am happily leave the other shops. Of course I will keep the one in the Galaxy, where my story kind of began, and i will keep the one in World of Hogwarts and in Godric's Hollow. And I think also the one on the Vision of Hope as it is so cheap ;)


A new store, and especially a main store must be advertised properly. It can now be found in the places search as well as in the classified search. I also bought a Lucky Chair that will hopefully bring some new customers!

Yes, there are still a lot of "if"s and "hopefully"s as this came rather of a sudden when I found the perfect size of land which I could afford ^^

But that's not everything! As I said, the tier is rather high, but my dear friend ALPtraum, who lately started to design herself (and gosh, she's so talented!), offered to pay part of the tier when she can have a mainstore herself. And OF COURSE I agreed! I happily agreed! We were often discussing ideas before and this is a big chance for both of us (and so many prims to spend :D ).

So, I bought the land on Saturday, but had some RL stuff until Monday and wasn't online much, so that the "real" building period started Monday afternoon. And WOW we were fast!


I am proud to announce the opening party of the two mainstores

*~MM~* Fashion And More - and - ALPtraum

This Friday, 18th Jan., 12PM SLT!

We like to welcome all our friends and their friends and their friends and .... to celebrate this amazing development!

We will have Champaign and Martini and Lobster and Ice Cream, and probably a dancefloor, and of course an opening gift for all our guests, no matter if male or female!

So come by, meet friends, have a lot of fun, and share this special moment with us!


You thought that's all? Oh, you're so wrong! LOL! Along with the opening of a mainstore, I am developing several new products. Two of them are available from now on! So far only in the mainstore, but they will be available in the other stores during the next day!

Thank you all for your support!


Saturday, 12 January 2008

*~MM~* Sale!

After the development of my skills becomes more and more visible, I decided to reduce the prices of all my old products. But I did not only reduce them, I also reduced the Star Collection and the Wedding Princess Collection!

I am planning a lot more within the next couple of weeks which might surprise you, so stay in touch and read the blog for further information! ;)

Girly Punk Collection

It's a new year and time to invent myself again! Lately, I am often seen as neko and I changed my style from the nice girl next door to a tough, posh, sexy, but still elegant female neko punk.

And this change inspired me for the "Girly Punk Collection". Friends of mine modelled for me and I think we look really good together. Some might even say we're the "fantastic four - sailor moon revival team" ;)

Your Girly Punk set comes with: shirt, pants, skirt, socks, and a flexi ribbon on your back!

Available in purple, green, red, blue and a special Valentine Edition in PINK!

I really really like this collection and I hope you'll like it, too!

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Wedding Princess

A beautiful wedding gown, available in 3 different colours. The look also great as formal gowns if you don't attach the veil ;)