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Friday, 24 October 2008

Cuddle a Tiny...

... or cuddle a human?
I made this pose in the first place for my dear friend Boris Janus, who was a fantastic listener for me during the past few days. He's the one and only original Blarney Stone Cat in SL Dublin! If you see him around, give him a cuddle or some of tuna! ;)

The pose works with Tiny avis from Dragon Keep and ExtroVirtual. As always you can test it at the store :)

Monday, 20 October 2008

More free Halloween stuff!

I am such a freebie whore. And while I was hunting, I came across a funny Halloween themed Unlucky Chair. Of course I needed to get one for my own store as well :D

But do you know what happens when I am too motivated? Little Mira opened the notecard and read "If you already own a lucky chair you know how it works..." and closed the notecard again. The product sign behind the chair was too small for my taste, so I happily edited it like i did with my other chair too...Then I tested it and suddenly I was sitting a metre above the chair... which means that instead of cutting my head off the axe thingi is now going through my stomach... so I opened the notecard again and read further "we don't think it is wise to edit this chair version because it has very sensible particle effects, etc in it... resizing is also not a good idea... don't say we didn't warn you..." D'oh!
Anyway, the chair is still there and I put a nice golden diamond necklace for you in there.
But luckily this is not the only halloween stuff I have for you.
I also got an Apple Bob. You can either get a foul or wormy apple or a prize ^^ which prize it is is displayed on a poster.
You think this was everything? No, you're wrong! I also made 3 very nice Halloween ghost and vampire pictures. You can win those if the pumpkin lanterns that are lying around in the store carry the first letter of your name!

And now: Happy Halloween and happy hunting!

Saturday, 18 October 2008


When hunting freebies you come across the most wonderous things.
A while ago I was in a shop that concentrates on American Cheerleader uniforms (but I have to admit, I don't even know for what kind fo sports they are cheering for :D).
And I am also roleplaying at the World of Hogwarts roleplay and am the Quidditch Co-Ordinator there. We also have a Hogwarts themed cheerleader team there.
So while trying to get my head off I made a cheerleader pose!
It was quite fun finding that shop with the uniforms again and finding 4 volunteeers who would get those dollarbies and pose with me.
A big thank you to Riko, Keshawn, Roisin, and Nicolina for modelling here with me!

Friday, 17 October 2008

Something ends....

I'm going through extremely hard times in RL right now. The last days have been tearing my inside appart... I've been trying to distract myself in all possible ways but all I seem to be able to is crying...
But I think a public blog is not the right place to post the miseries of my life...

Instead I better show you how I tried to work through my mistery and tried to distract myself.
The result are 3 new poses that have a lot to do with my current situation (Well, not really difficult when I cannot think of anything else right now.).

But I guess everyone has gone through those moments and maybe my poses can at least help you to get over it...

Who hasn't been in this state yet: you're life seems to be falling into pieces... all that is left are tears and broken glass, a broken heart... your hopes and dreams destroyed...

If you're lucky you have friends that will be there for you. You often only find real friends in situations you need them. If you found such friends, value them highly and be a friend yourself if they need you...

Maybe there will come the day when you're not bitter any more and can move on... But maybe this longing for what you had will never go away... too precious was what you've lost and you would do anything to turn back time...

As always all poses are mod/trans/no copy. you can change the pictures in the frames...

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Some free stuff!

I've also added some cool new things to my shop!

1) An item camping chair!
You need a spooky ghost for your halloween decoration? No problem! Just camp for it now! And if you're not patient enough you can buy it on the board behind it.

2) A new profile pick item giver!
If you have my store in your picks you only have to click the "free" board and you will get this great blood fountain for our vampire garden party! If you don't have a pick yet and are creating one, then let me tell you that it can take up to 48hrs until the board registers it.

3) I've put a new dress into the lucky chair! It's the black golden stars gown from my Star Collection.
With renaming the shop and renaming all my products (how much I hate this work, lol) I will get rid of some of my products. And I think my former gowns have been in the LC long enough so that it is time for a new one :D

4) At the moment I am preparing a Halloween hunt. I am planning on releasing it in the week before Halloween. I am not going to tell you what you can grab there, then :D You'll have to come and seek yourself :D

Oh, and before I close this post, I just have to show you how my mansion now looks like with all the ghosts flying around and stuff. On a side note, I bought the fog, lol!

New Poses

Along with the creepy mansion I just HAD to make a crime scene for inside. Have I mentioned the fantastic wall textures yet? Ripped off textures, blood spots on the wall... there just had to be some blood and a victim on the floor :D

Making poses is so much fun :D And you can do some silly stuff :D Now I can hang around in my front garden. Maybe I should make another one so that friends can hang around together with me :D

The day of new releases....

I have been busy the whole week working on new stuff. Therefore don't be surprised about all the posts that will come up now :D

First of all I want to present you my new home! :D
In perfect time for Halloween I've built a Haunted Mansion and I loved it so much that I've swapped it with my treehouse :D

I absolutely adore the textures, inside as well as the outside ones! And my little parcel surrounded with tons of trees was perfect for taking the adds :D

I will post another picture later after I've presented you my other works from this week.
The Mansion is available in the store along with an info-notecard :)

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Ship released!!!!

Mooooore pics for you! It is now available in my store, on slx and on onrez!

And guess what, I am working on my next project! A haunted mansion, fitting for Halloween! So watch this space for further updates!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


I had a long conversation with a scripter friend of mine today (well, yesterday, as it is already past 3am in the morning), and there is no way to make the ship drivable without spending a hell of money on scripts or being able to script myself.
I will have another look at SLX today and maybe ask around in the SL forums as well, but it looks like that the ship is becoming mere decoration or home (and it looks great as decoration or home!).

I have already started a new big project: a haunted house for Halloweeeeeeeeen *muahahahahahaaaaaa*

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Peeking through the key hole...

Yes, the pirate ship I was talking about all the time is finished.
My only problem: It doesn't want to drive!!! I have absolutely no clue about scripts. I found some good freebie ones (at least they sounded good to me ;) ) and I will have a friend looking into it during the next days.

As soon as it is on sale I will give you some more details about what is included and what it can do, etc. But here is a little image for you to be all excited about and to make you looking forward to the release!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Charlie's Angels

I've created another group pose. This time I was inspired by the cool women of Charlie's Angels.
Thanks to Riko and Sylvie to pose here with me :D

Monster Mash

Halloween is coming closer, and that means that lots of parties will be going on, lots of pictures will be taken, so why not do some monster posing for the camera?
Here is for you the perfect pose for your next Halloween party!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Cool girls

A day out with your best friend, enjoying the countryside or wandering through the endless shopping malls. And then there is this little French Café. You sit down and chat about men, fashion, men, your job, and more about men. The sun is going down and before you part you have to save this moment in a picture. A picture made forever, capturing this perfect day in one shot.

The little café you have to find on your own, but the pose you can find in my store.
Come and try it!